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Conditions and House rules

When we receive an application for the workshop-weeks, we will send a confirmation of your registration, along with a registration number, the payment method, information about the accessibility, the postal address etc. As a deposit, we ask you to pay 20% of your participation fees; once this is received, your reservation will be finalised. The remaining amount is to be credited to Citron et Papillon, no later than 14 days before the course starts. After receiving this payment you will receive a proof of payment and directions to the location.

Cancelation and changes to bookings

Cancellations and amendments can only be requested in writing. A € 15,-administration fee will be charged for any cancellation or change of a booking, regardless of the reason. In case of cancellation within three weeks of the booked period, the deposit of 20% is forfeited to Citron et Papillon because of costs incurred. In addition, if participation is cancelled between two weeks before the start of the booked period we will charge 50% of the participation fees. If participation is cancelled between one week before the start of the booked period all the course fees are owed.

All additional costs for food and drinks are settled at the end of the week.

Participation in the workshops is entirely at your own risk. We recommend travel insurance and a cancellation insurance.

For every workshop, a minimum of five participants is required; we reserve the right to cancel if insufficient participants have signed up.

General conditions 1.

1.1.    These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements and/or work of Citron et Papillon, and the recipient of a package, hereinafter referred to as participant.

1.2.    We have the right to deny people the access to the Citron et Papillon premises, without further explanation.

1.3.    During their stay, the participants need comply with the House rules of Citron et Papillon as well as the instructions given by the management and/or employees. If people don't, they can be asked to leave.

1.4.    Participation in the packages of Citron et Papillon is entirely at your own risk. Citron et Papillon cannot be held responsible, and is not liable for loss and/or theft and/or damage of property of the participant, nor for any form of physical injury acquired during the stay and/or the activities of the participant on the grounds of Citron et Papillon.

1.5.    Any costs due to loss or damage of property (movable and immovable goods) of Citron et Papillon caused by a participant will be charged to that participant at all times.

2. Registration

2.1.    The participant will take part in the workshop package from the agreed starting date to the ending date. Registration for participation in one or more packages will take place upon receipt of the fully completed registration-form via the website. The participant will receive a confirmation of receipt via email. Upon confirmation of your registration, the participant agrees to this terms and conditions statement and the terms of payment.

2.2.    Registration is always subject to sufficient numbers of participants for that workshop. Citron et Papillon reserves the right to alter the arrangements in case of insufficient participation or to cancel up to 14 days before the start of the workshop.

2.3.    Placement will be in order of application. At registration and placement, the participant is obliged to pay the full amount.

2.4.    The payment of the workshop fees is done by means of a bank transfer from your bank to the specified account number.

2.5.    The participant has the right to cancel the booked package by registered letter. Depending on the interval between cancellation and the start of the workshop, the following amounts are due:

In case of cancellation within three weeks of the booked period, the deposit of 20% is forfeited to Citron et Papillon because of costs incurred. In addition, if participation is cancelled between two weeks before the start of the booked period we will charge 50% of the participation fees. If participation is cancelled between one week before the start of the booked period all the course fees are owed.

2.6.    In case of cancellation by Citron et Papillon before the start of the arrangements the participant is entitled to a refund of the entire fee.

3. Terms of payment

3.1.    For each package, the costs will be determined in advance.

3.2.    The published rates for the packages are in euros.

3.3.    Citron et Papillon determines the package fees and will index these per season. No rights can be derived from prices paid in the past.

3.4.    No rights can be derived from any (discount) promotions.

3.5.    In case of non- or late payment, the entire outstanding amount including additional administrative costs will be charged.

3.6.    All legal costs resulting from non-payment will be charged to the defaulting party.

3.7.    Those choosing a 'partner without participation in workshops'-package will not be allowed to participate in the workshops.

4. Grounds

4.1.    Your holiday residence is located on the site of Citron et Papillon. You will be camping in your own tent in allocated places. Caravan and trailer-tents are not allowed. During your stay you are obliged to treat the property with respect and on departure leave everything neat and clean.

4.2.    Since we are not a public institution and for privacy reasons, third parties will not be allowed on the premises of Citron et Papillon during your stay unless prior consent of Citron et Papillon is given.

4.3.    Smoking is permitted in your own tent and in the specified smoking areas. You are obliged to clean up cigarette butts etc. immediately, because of fire hazard and pollution. Do not leave them in the fields.

4.4.    (Domestic) animals are not allowed.

4.5.    With the consent of Citron et Papillon, you will be allowed to feed the animals of Citron et Papillon at pre-specified times. It is strictly forbidden to feed wild animals, such as ducks. This is to prevent nuisance of animals and to let nature go its own way.

4.6.    Fishing on the premises is permitted in designated bays and according to the rules and regulations of the AAPPMA Corrèze.

5. Other matters

5.1.    Partners and children

Partners or friends that are part of the 'partner arrangement' will not be allowed to participate in the workshops. If you and your partner want to swap/share the workshops, then you must both register for the package and each pay the full amount.

For children under 4 years and above 11 years no special activities are organised. You are responsible for your own child(ren).

5.2.    Composition lessons

The lessons schedule can be changed by the instructors, always after discussion with Citron et Papillon.

5.3.    Food

During the workshop weeks, three-course meals will be prepared. Customised meals can be prepared for vegetarians. Unfortunately, food allergies or other specific dietary requirements cannot be taken into account.

5.4.    Official photos / videos

It is likely that photos and/or videos will be made of the activities at Citron et Papillon; these could be used for informational and advertising purposes. We will assume that you agree to their publication, unless a written objection is registered prior to the workshop week, stating your name and that of any other persons involved.


“Dancing on the banks of the Dordogne, that is what the website promised, but it turned out to be much more than that! Every day we were surprised by you guys, everything was done with so much care; the dancing under the beautiful homemade cloth for shade and atmosphere, delicious fresh French pastries, elaborate meals, fine music, a night-time beer tasting, a ride in a retro-van ... in short, we felt more than welcome!" 

Jikke Straus

vacances d’art au bord de la rivière Dordogne

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